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Missing & Murdered

Indigenous Women & Relatives

Proceeds from every T-shirt sale go to The Lower Brule Reservation here in SD, where relatives are helping the families of missing and murdered loved ones.

These funds are spent on legal costs, flyers and literature, travel and other expenses incurred in search and legal processes.

We are honored to carry T-Shirts that support a family on a mission to address an epidemic right here on our homelands. MMIWR is a growing movement, through many grassroots organizations, and families who are just looking for answers.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Native American women under the age of 35 experience a higher murder risk than many other groups. It is the third or fifth most prevalent cause of death for girls and young adults from age 10 up to age 34.The Tragedy of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) - (

The numbers are staggering and the reality is sobering.
We realize also that it's not just women going missing. Many cases are yet to receive justice involving missing and murdered men and children.

Purchasing a T-shirt from us is just one way to help. Please check out the following links for more information. This is a problem everywhere, but we can work together locally to make a change.

"Missing person and homicide cases involving Native American women are unique because they can fall into multiple law enforcement jurisdictions and can occur in isolated locations in South Dakota." - Argus Leader

"All missing people are important, but its been an ongoing issue for Native American women "because Native women can be perceived as marginalized and outside scope of the American justice system and for that reason, can be easily targeted or a family won't be assisted," St. John said." - Argus Leader