Green Man - The Collection

Green Man - The Collection

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The complete collection of Green Man, with 4 of our most popular products in one pack! This alluring blend of Activated Charcoal, Pine, Cedarwood and grounding Patchouli is a classic combo gets more popular every year! Now you can bundle this blend for all day wear, with your favorite every day essentials!

1 Green Man Shave Soap - Great when used with a shaving brush for whipping up a luscious creamy lather! This solid shave soap is also versatile and works just as well when directly applied to aid in a smooth, flawless shave!

1 Green Man Bath and Body Bar - The bar that started it all! Our classic bath and body soap is gently scrubby and creamy smooth, with a long lasting scent.

1 Herbal Deodorant Stick - In a convenient push up tube! Gentle yet effective! Proven by the most hardworking men we know!

1 Beard Oil Dropper Bottle - Our newest addition to the store! Great for conditioning with simply nourishing oils, and our beloved original essential oil blend!