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Sweetgrass Soapery

Handmade, Herbal Based Bath, Body and Spirit.

Lovingly grown and crafted from the Heart of the Dakotas 

Back to Basics

Our goals were simple. To create a product that was truly itself! Without the bells, whistles or gimmicks. 

Our inspiration took us back to the beginning. As deep as our roots, and as vast as our land, our passion led us on a healing journey.

We are so glad you are here, to join us as we learn and grow in the ways of the past, the knowledge of the present and the hope of our future! 

Du shka sha- Welcome!

Mandan Language, Three Affiliated Tribes; Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation; North Dakota 

Our Native Origins


Under an open sky

Simple and Sweet

Created with Care

Herbal Based

Grown with Love


In small batches