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Arnica Oil
Arnica Oil

Arnica Oil

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Pure Olive Oil infused with Arnica Flower (Arnica montana) + Vitamin E

Infused Arnica oil has long been admired for its ability to soothe many kinds of physical discomfort caused by injury, can ease muscle tension and support the body's natural healing process, when properly prepared and applied.

Soothe sore, tender areas including stiff neck, overworked muscles and bruising, while supporting healthy and beautiful skin! Arnica infused oil also makes a wonderful, relaxing massage oil. 

Just be sure to do a patch test on unbroken skin before full application to avoid any possible adverse reactions.

Arnica Flower also contains some toxic components, including trace-alkaloids and helenalin.

The plant or infused oil should never be ingested. Do not use arnica infused oils, creams, lotions, or tinctures on broken skin or open wounds.

2 oz Amber Glass Bottle