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Sweetgrass Bath & Body Bar

Sweetgrass Bath & Body Bar

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Finally! A Sweetgrass Soap by Sweetgrass Soapery!

It's the most requested scent in our line up, so what took so long??

We are purists when it comes to our mission to keep our products clean, sustainable and truly natural. Sweetgrass does not produce an essential oil, and most Sweetgrass products on the market are fragrance oils, or blends of essential and fragrances. We worked for a long time to harness the subtle, sweet, earthy aroma that is truly Sweetgrass!

This soap is the result of multiple infusions in a proprietary process, of freshly harvested Sweetgrass, grown on our own farm! The addition of Stinging Nettle (no stinging included) makes this one of the freshest, locally made soaps in Southeast SD! Enjoy the sacred sweetness of earthy fresh cut grass with vanilla and spice undertones. 

Ingredients are Saponified: Lard (rendered in house), Coconut Oil, Pure Olive Oil, Sweetgrass Oil and Stinging Nettle.

4 oz. Bath and Body Bar

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