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Bear Root

Bear Root

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Bear Root aka Oshá Root

Lingusticum porteri

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Whole Dried Root

Bear root or chuchupate, was used by Native Americans to treat a variety of ailments, particularly those relating to the lungs and heart. Oshá is a slow-growing member of the parsley family and grows in higher elevations throughout south and western North America. 

This root is recognized as Bear medicine as Native Americans of North America often observed that bears would look for Osha and consume the plant roots directly after emerging from winter hibernation or when wounded or sick.

Depending on the ailment, the roots may be used to make a dressing, paste, made into an ointment, tea, tincture, chewed or burned to clear the sinuses and relieve headaches. Hispanic and Native Americans still use Oshá roots to treat a broad range of illnesses such as bronchitis, influenza and other respiratory problems.

We recognize and support efforts to conserve this highly sought after medicinal. We carry a very limited stock and work with Native American families who harvest it respectfully, here in the U.S.